The use of public reflection circles and the promotion of metacognition: Teaching for autonomy and good practice

Rosemary C. Reilly, Gillian Bramwell


The purposes for this study range from the professional to the personal. We
are university instructors who teach undergraduate and graduate courses
about classroom processes, group development and facilitation, educational
psychology, and change processes to pre-service teachers or individuals who
use groups as vehicles for classroom, personal, community, or organizational
learning and transformation. We are interested in how individuals in groups
can co-develop expertise in practice. We are also committed to creating
social environments in which individuals can learn, release their creativity,
and become competent. Sometimes we are successful in this undertaking, and
sometimes we are not. We would like to better elucidate and understand the
powerful elements of this process, so we can implement them mindfully in
the future.

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