Senior high school career planning: What students want

Kim Witko, Kerry B Bernes, Kris Magnusson, Angela D Bardick


This study used the Comprehensive Career Needs Survey to assess the career
planning needs of 2360 senior high school students in Southern Alberta,
Canada. This article examines how senior high school students perceive the
relevance of career planning, who they feel comfortable approaching for help
with career planning, and what help they would like during their career
planning. Results indicated that career planning is important to high school
students and they are likely to approach their parents first for help with career
planning. Students in grades 10 through 12 indicated that specific
information regarding courses, post-secondary information and careers would
be helpful. Grade 12 students also expressed a desire for improved career
counselling and increased work experience. Implications for teachers, school
counsellors, parents and community services are discussed.

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