An attempt to enhance the quality of cooperative learning through peer assessment

Shanti Divaharan, Lourdusamy Atputhasamy


Cooperative learning has been found to yield many benefits to students
who engage in it. Not only does it assist students in acquiring knowledge,
but it also helps them to develop cognitive and social skills. In institutes
of higher education, cooperative learning is becoming a common feature
in tutorial activities and course assignments, especially in teacher
education programs. One of the weaknesses in the use of cooperative
learning and using the groups’ products as part of course assessment is
the awarding of equal grades to all members of the group. Participation of
students in cooperative work varies, as some put in a lot of effort while
others do the minimum. In this paper we report the effect of introducing
peer assessment as a means to enhance the participation of group
members in cooperative work. The views expressed by the students who
participated in the exercise indicate that the introduction of peer
assessment achieved the desired effect.

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