“…more kind of caring to others and looking out for themselves at the same timeâ€: Methodological Issues in an Investigation of Adolescent Girls’ ‘Envisionings’ of Motherhood

Lana Zannettino


This paper emerges in the course of a doctoral study which explores the role
of cultural texts (those found in both curriculum and popular culture) in the
construction of adolescent girls’ ‘envisionings’ of womanhood. The paper
offers a feminist post-structuralist/psychoanalytic approach to the analysis of
one curriculum text and proceeds with a discourse analysis of three girls’
responses to this text. The analysis reveals that the text serves to reinforce the
girls’ situatedness within discursive spaces that resonate with notions that are
potentially ‘mother blaming’. Most importantly, however, the analysis
exemplifies that, whilst text analysis and discourse analysis are two distinct
modalities, they can be synthesised to produce an insightful depiction of the
textual construction of girls’ subjectivities.

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