An investigation of assessment in fully asynchronous online math courses

Sven Trenholm


This study is based on a voluntary survey of all listed Fall 2006 State University of New York (SUNY) Learning Network (SLN) mathematics faculty. The survey focuses on assessment in SLN math e-learning. Based on survey data, the study attempts to answer the following questions: What percentage of math e-learning courses overall, by course category and by institution (two year or four year) are proctored? In proctored and unproctored math e-learning courses, which assessment instruments are utilised and how? Comparing the two approaches, how does the practice of assessment in proctored math e-learning courses compare to the practice of assessment in unproctored math e-learning courses? Finally, what are the ten most popular strategies for assessing math e-learning courses? The paper concludes with questions, suggestions for further research and implications regarding the academic integrity of math e-learning courses.

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