Cheating in school: What we know and what we can do

Tracey Bretag


Cheating in school: What we know and what we can do, is perhaps the most comprehensive and accessible text on the topic of academic integrity that I have read. Readers in the Asia-Pacific region who think the title is indicative of an interest in student cheating in the pre-tertiary sector, will be pleased to know that this book covers student cheating across the range of educational institutions, from primary (grade) school, through to the middle years, high school and post-secondary colleges and universities. I spent three days of valuable professional development reading and noting the book, often going to the numerous websites referred to, and generally refreshing my understandings of the academic integrity research and best practice from the last 15 years. It does not seem adequate to say that Davis, Drinan and Bertram Gallant should be congratulated on this carefully and elegantly constructed presentation of the field.

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