Pedagogy, not policing. Positive approaches to academic integrity at the university.

Ursula McGowan


At last, here is a complete volume that aims to promote a series of positive and educationally sound approaches to academic integrity that are, to my mind, long overdue. The book is, as the editors point out, the product of the Future Professoriate Program (FPP) of the Syracuse University Graduate School. Its aim is to inspire readers to “feel affirmed as educatorsâ€:

It is good to remember that in many ways, promoting academic integrity is not something new we have to conform to; it is something that happens naturally whenever we are active learners and thoughtful educators. (p. 2)

In questioning some of the familiar assumptions about academic integrity which pose barriers to active learning and thoughtful pedagogy, this volume represents a welcome leap forward to wrench the primary focus away from policing and punishment and directing it towards sound teaching practice.

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