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This peer-reviewed journal showcases high quality research by up-and-coming researchers in lifestyle science, not limited to, but focusing on the relationships between sleep, diet, exercise, work, health and the environment.

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We welcome submissions from students and early-career researchers and their mentors.

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Since the focus of this journal is on developing researchers, we will publish work that makes a contribution to what we know about an area, as well as work that contributes to how we investigate and communicate this knowledge. Broad categories for submissions include:

  • New Scientists, New Science: work that makes an important contribution to knowledge
  • Lessons in Methodology: work that highlights the strengths and/or limitations of particular approaches to research
  • Analytic Techniques: Work that clearly demonstrates novel, commonly-used or rarely-used techniques in qualitative or quantitative analysis that may be of benefit to developing researchers 
  • State of the Art: review articles expressing a position in a particular area
  • Calls to Arms: Work that highlights the need for research in particular areas
  • Mentorship: scholarly reflections on researcher development from the perspective of mentees or mentors, targeted for an audience that includes both

We will consider the following formats:

  • Journal articles
  • Short Reports
  • Review Articles
  • Case Studies
  • Letters to the Editor

We are also very happy to publish PhD thesis abstracts with short student biographies - we want to let the field know about our colleagues transitioning into post-study roles.

Publication in and subscription to this journal is free. We only ask that you (a) become inspired; and (b) cite the papers in this journal. Every citation contributes to the CV of an early researcher in our field!



Eat, Sleep, Work is accepting submissions now!


This exciting new journal is open for business!

We are very excited to begin reviewing and publishing student research.  Please consider submitting your work to us!

Posted: 2014-06-26
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Vol 2, No 1 (2017): Eat Sleep Work Volume 2

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Craig Cameron Hicks
Yaroslava King