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The 2008 ATN Assessment conference: Engaging students in assessment, was hosted by the University of South Australia, the Australian Technology Network (ATN) of universities.

Conference Convenor: Dr Diana Quinn

Editors: Andrea Duff, Diana Quinn, Margaret Green, Kate Andre, Trim Ferris, Scott Copeland

The review process

All papers accepted for publishing in the Conference Proceedings have undergone a double-blind review process, with de-identified feedback and suggestions for revisions provided to authors.

The conference committee gratefully acknowledges the generous work of the reviewers, who all provided constructive and invaluable feedback to ensure the high standard of published papers.

Andrea Duff
Gavin Sanderson
Margot McNeill
Annette Seeman
Gayle Morris
Marina Harvey
Barbara de la Harpe
Geoffrey Crisp
Martin Freney
Bev Oliver
Helen Ashman
Moira Cordiner
Carmen Joham
Helen Johnston
Natalie Brown
Cath Hall
Helena Ward
Peter Kandlbinder
Catherine Scott
Ian Hamilton
Rachael Field
Catherine Snelling
Ian Reid
Ronald McIver
Chris Steketee
John Chelliah
Ros McCulloch
Clair Hughes
Josephine Lang
Sandra Barker
Collette Snowden
Judy Skene
Scott Copeland
Dale Wache
Kate Andre
Simon Housego
Darrall Thompson
Kay Colthorpe
Steve Cassidy
David Birbeck
Kerry O'Regan
Tony Payne
Deborah Southwell
Kirsten Wahlstrom
Tony Wright
Denise Wood
Margaret Green
Tracey Bretag
Diana Quinn
Margaret Faulkner
Ursula McGowan
Elizabeth Elliot
Margaret Freund


The papers published in these proceedings have been reviewed, edited and proof-read to the best
of our ability within the timelines permitted. We acknowledge that there may be outstanding proofing errors.
© Individual authors of the ATN Assessment Conference 2008: Engaging Students in Assessment Conference.
20-21 November 2008