Book Review: Compassion and education: Cultivating compassionate children, schools and communities

Christoph Teschers


In his book Compassion and education, Andrew Peterson explores the concept of ‘compassion’ in three main areas: (i) compassion as a virtue, (ii) compassion in relation to self and others, and (iii) compassion in relation to teaching and education. Peterson states that his ‘focus in this present book lies in particular on the cultivation of compassion within the education of young children in schools’ (p. 10). His work therefore contributes to the discussion of character education within the field of philosophy of education and makes an interesting read for educational philosophers as well as practising teachers alike. To explore compassion as a virtue and linking it to teaching practice, Peterson uses a combination of traditional analytical philosophy as well as down-to-earth practical real-world examples in his line of argument, which makes this well-written book meaningful for educators across the board.

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